CASE STUDY: National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility

Manhattan, Kansas

1The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF), a new, state-of-the-art bio safety level 3 & 4 facility will enable the U.S. to conduct comprehensive research, develop vaccines and anti-virals, and provide enhanced diagnostic capabilities to protect our country from numerous foreign animal and emerging diseases. Currently, the NBAF site is in the construction and development phase and is estimated to reach full operational capacity within the next five years.

NBAF is one of the most notably recognized government facilities to be built in recent history. Because of its high-profile nature and sensitive National Security mission FPS needed a contractor with flawless past performance and quality to provide security support services. VendTech was awarded this prime security contract by the Department of Homeland Security: Federal Protective Service and stood the project up in less than 1 month to meet the operational time lines of FPS and the FPS customer.

With a contract value over $3M, VendTech supplies 24/7 armed Protective Service Officers (PSOs) to the NBAF site with dedicated project management, site supervision, quality control management, and shift supervision totaling approximately 35,804 hours of labor per year.

The contact includes adjudicated (DHS Suitability) Armed PSO and Reserve Forces qualified through 64 hours of SHIELD Program training. Responsibilities and duties include:

  • access control posts
  • logistics management (logs, manifests, etc)
  • visitor control posts
  • screening posts (x-ray, magnetometer, metal detector)
  • patrol & response posts
  • emergency first responders (CPR/AED/First-Aid)
  • control center operations
  • traffic control
  • receipt, use, and safeguarding of keys (locks, combinations, etc)
  • security systems monitoring & response (IDS, Fire, CCTV, Utility, Environmental)

VendTech works closely with the FPS client, DHS S&T, to augment services and modify contract requirements at a moments notice and continue to provide optimal performance.