VendTech Awarded 3 Year DOD-USAF Surveillance Systems O&M Support Contract

Sept. 2011 - VendTech has been awarded a 3 year contract with McConnell Air Force Base (Wichita, KS) to manage security camera operations. Our tasks include preventative maintenance, repair, quality control, testing, and consultation. Our firm will continue to work closely with the 22nd SFS - Electronics Division to deliver a suite of services to MAFB limiting and correcting risks that could endanger the McConnell mission.

McConnell Air Force Base is one of the world's largest air refueling and airlift operation bases home to Air Mobility Command's 22nd Air Refueling Wing (22ARW), Air Force Reserve Command's 931st Air Refueling Group (931ARG), and the Kansas Air National Guard's 184 Intelligence Wing (184IW).

VendTech Invited to Federal Protective Service Security Force Vendor Forum

Sept. 2011- VendTech recently attended the Federal Protective Service's Security Force Vendor Forum in Denver, CO where current FPS vendors and top FPS personnel dialogued about current and future developments in FPS, contract PSO services, and contractor concerns, suggestions, and best practices. The meeting was one of 3 that has taken place over the past year specifically for current FPS vendors. While in attendance VendTech management was able to weigh in on several topics including:

  • INTEL and Preparedness for national security threats
  • New National Weapons Detection Training Program (NWDTP) initiatives
  • Covert Security Testing
  • Contracting
  • Security Force Management

FPS Assistant Director of Field Operations, Patrick Moses, had this say, "From the FPS Director's office, thank you to every PSO". Other speakers and guests included Rocky Mountain Regional Director, Chief of the Rocky Mountain CCG, Law Enforcement Communications & Operations Directorate, Threat Management Division, FLETC, Denver Mega Center, Compliance Investigations Division, Acquisitions Division, and the Risk Management Division.

VendTech is proud to be part of the intimate team on the "front lines" of protecting the 9500 federal facilities in the jurisdiction of FPS operations. VendTech continues to serve FPS through protection of the nation's newest biological research facility NBAF in Eastern Kansas. Our thanks and support go out to the FPS personnel of the CCCG and Region 7 Contract Security Program Management who guide our partnership and a special notice to the men and woman serving the FPS mission under the VendTech Enterprise banner. Let us continue to Protect, Serve, and Support this nation through our core values of Competence, Professionalism, and Integrity.




VendTech Awarded Security Guard Service contract for Kansas Health & Environmental Laboratories

July 2011 - The Kansas Department of Administration and Department of Health & Environment has awarded VendTech Enterprise a 4 year contract for unarmed guard services at the KHE Labs in Topeka, KS. Security operations in this BSL-3 site continues to expand VendTech's specialization in managing the protection of biological research facilities. Guard duties include:

  • 24/7 unarmed security service
  • grounds patrol with the use of guard tour "deggy" systems
  • Security desk management
  • CCTV, Fire, Alarm Monitoring
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Response (First-Aid/CPR/AED)

The Kansas Health and Environmental Laboratory’s (KHEL) mission is to provide timely and accurate analytical information for public health benefits in Kansas and to assure the quality of statewide laboratory services through certification and improvement programs. KHEL is the only Public Health Laboratory in Kansas serving as laboratory first-responders, protecting the public from diseases and environmental health hazards. KHEL is an integrated laboratory located in Topeka, KS that serves and analyzes both health and environmental samples throughout the state.




Department of the Interior Excercises Second Option Period

August 2011 - In 2009 VendTech was awarded the contract for Safety & Security Support Services by the Department of the Interior: Bureau of Indian Affairs for Haskell Indian Nations University. (Lawrence, KS). This period marks the beginning of the third consecutive year of service for the Native educational institution. VendTech is proud to serve and participate in the growth of this community.




Kansas Department of Administration Renews Security Guard Contract through 2012

June 2011 - The Kansas Department of Administration recently requested a renewal of contract security guard services with VendTech Enterprise for the Kansas State Historical Society's Kansas Museum of History, located in Topeka, KS. This marks the third year of unarmed guard services provided to KMH. Guard personnel duties include but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 Unarmed security services
  • Internal/external grounds security with roving officer patrol
  • Security desk management
  • CCTV, Fire, Environmental Control/Alarm monitoring
  • Key Control
  • Transportation & Logistics Management
  • Access Control
  • Emergency Response (CPR/First-Aid)
  • Special Events Security

KMH adds to VendTech's impressive resume of security operations for museums and high-traffic public venues. The management team of VendTech would like to thank all the officers of the KMH site and the Department of Administration/KSHS for allowing our firm to continue servicing our community with our unparalleled service.